To pursue our mission of providing alternative energy solutions to our customers, we specialise in Solar Power, Energy management, Energy storage and LED lighting products.

The cost of electricity is rising at an alarming rate. Bright Source is determined to make homes and businesses more energy efficient through our Smart Energy Solutions. We believe Bright Source offers the highest quality and most cost effective service in Australia due to maintaining these key factors:


  • Working with the most respected, top-quality brands
  • Offering the lowest prices available on all products
  • Tailoring energy systems perfectly to a customer’s needs
  • Delivering a fully certified, professional installation service
  • Arranging government rebates for customers
  • Showcasing the smartest technologies available today




Due to increasing demand of alternative energy products

Most energy companies in Australia will try to up sell you a more expensive product that may be overly redundant to what you require.

At Bright Source, we focus on bringing customers ease and affordability with a blend of top notch quality and are keenly dedicated to match you with the Smart Energy Products and Services that best suit you and your energy needs.

Let’s make your needs our business!