Smart Solar Solution for your Business!

At Bright Source, our aim is to make it easy for our clients to maximise on cost saving and efficiencies through the implementation of renewable energy solutions, products, technologies and systems with the minimum of cost. Working as a strategic partner when identifying, sourcing, costing and delivering energy solutions regardless of the size of your company or project we do the following for our commercial clients:

  1. Energy Audits
  2. Feasability studies and reporting
  3. Financial modelling
  4. Site identification and assessment
  5. System design and development
  6. Project management
  7. Sytem monitoring Servicing and repairs
  8. Energy efficient lighting assessments and reporting

Additional Services that we provide:

  1. Hybrid Solar PV and Battery back-up systems for those that want to store and use the excess energy from their solar PV system but still remain connected to the mains supply grid.
  2. Stand-alone Solar PV and battery storage systems for those that want to get off the mains grid or can’t access the mains grid in an economical manner
  3. Finance options for system funding, Power and Lighting assessments for warehouses and offices are also a part of the packages we offer throughour technology partners.

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