Energy Management

Energy Management

With many years of experience in the energy industry, we at Bright Source have earned our name as top energy management consultancy. We proudly can say that we have helped countless small to medium businesses to increase their efficiency while reducing their energy costs.

Our Energy management services include consulting, tariff Analysis, economic modelling, cost projections, energy consumption management and energy system maintenance as well as ongoing energy system performance monitoring.

Let us asses your energy bill and we guarantee – we will find a way how to cut your costs down.

Energy Assessment

Years of experience in working with commercial clients has helped us to better understand small to medium business owners and their urge to cut down their costs.  We know how much a company can improve in economic performance by reducing energy usage expenses.

We understand that businesses all across Australia want to comply with statutory requirements as well as environmental standards. Our assessment team consists of highly trained professionals with a focus on commercial energy management expertise.

Financial concept

Energy Procurement

Energy contracts can be extremely complicated and the energy market is highly volatile. We help our clients to define their business energy needs and provide them with our expertise. We make sure your energy contracts are working as they should.

Constant analysis of the market trends help our energy management team of experts work with our clients and assure them that they are getting their energy contracts in the best possible shape

Energy System Maintenance

At Bright Source we value the health and performance of your energy systems. We know that good maintenance is the key component in the long lifespan of your energy. We have been specializing in testing, cleaning, repair and preventative maintenance of low, medium and high voltage electrical systems.

It is recommended that you do an annual inspection and maintenance check-up of your energy systems.  We offer to access and service your equipment on a rotational schedule or during one shut down.


Ongoing Energy System Monitoring

At Bright Source we provide energy engineering services of the highest quality. Our team is highly professional and we can monitor your energy system performance. Our energy efficiency experts collect vast amounts of data, perform a careful analysis and provide our clients with a complete Energy Monitoring report with detailed suggestions. 

Our energy management team can supply and integrate a range of data monitoring, storage and visualisation systems that allow system owners to monitor the performance of their system remotely.