How would all this be achieved

Consultation & Design

1 Bright Source’s renewable energy specialist will tailor the right size of system to meet your specific requirements

2 Our designers will work out an appropriate plan and source adequate resources to plan out your installation.


Inspection & Installation

3 The Bright Source’s installation team which is Clean Energy Council’s accredited, will carry out the installation ensuring you get the maximum yield and most importantly leaving your home neat and tidy when complete.

4 An Independent Government Inspection will then take place to assess the installation quality and ensure the work carried out meets all relevant Australian standards, issuing Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES).


Reprogramming & Paperwork

5 All relevant installation documents along with the CES will be sent to your network provider by Bright Source. You Retailer will re-program your meter to ensure it becomes bi-directional (accepts feed in tariffs).

6 To avoid delays, we encourage our customer to keep a tight follow up on this process to speed up the connection.


Benefit You Enjoy

You are good to go… Save money!