LED Solutions

At Bright Source we pride ourselves on the positive impact we are making on environment and energy consumption by helping Australian businesses upgrade to LED lighting.

LED lighting products are known for their efficiency and while an upgrade to LED lighting can be expensive, there are VEET scheme and government incentives that can help co-found this lighting solution.

Bright Source offers a turnkey energy efficiency upgrade services to commercial clients. Keeping operation costs low is crucial for any business. Here at Bright Source, we give our customers the power to choose the right type of lights by offering them a variety of brands to choose from.

Commercial solar installation

Why Upgrade to LED?

LED lighting upgrade saves money by consuming less energy.

For example – halogen and fluorescent lights are very inefficient. Halogen bulbs in high bays get hot minutes after switching on because a proportion of the electricity they use goes into creating unwanted heat instead of light. While fluorescent tubes are more efficient than halogen lights as they produce less heat, they do emit light in all directions.

LED lighting on other hand is more efficient than both halogens and fluorescent lights. These types of light produce negligibly low heat because most of the electric energy is converted into light. The movement of electrons in a semiconductor material for illumination is the reason for low energy consumption.