Solar Victoria Homes Package 2020
Get up to $1850 rebate from Victorian Government for your home
Interest-Free Loans are also available
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Solar Battery Rebates
Complete Battery Solutions for Energy Independence
Up to $4,174 Rebate Available for Batteries Systems
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Solar Rebate for Rental Properties
Rebates and Interest-Free Loans are now Available for Landlords
Easier way to Increase Property Value and Future Rental Yield
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We strive to provide you with the best systems and therefore, only use the highest quality components manufactured by Tier 1 only. This ensures that the investment you make in our solar systems will continue to serve you for at least 25 years. Giving extra attention to details and the in-depth knowledge exhibited by our experts certifies the efficiency of the system you decide to install.

Tier 1

Top 2% of Solar Manufactures
1 – Vertically Integrated
2 – Invest Heavily in R&D
3 – Advance Robotic Process
4 – Manufacturing for 5+ Years

Tier 2

Small to Medium Scale Manufactures

1 – No or little investment in R&D
2 – Use partial robotics and rely on human production
3 – Usually producing for 2 – 3 years

Tier 3

Assemblers Only – 90% on New Solar PV

1 – No Investment in R&D
2 – Assembly only – doesn’t manufacture Solar cells
3 – Use Human production for manual soldering cells
4 – Assembling for 1 – 2 years