We will work with you to design an electrical system that not only works within the architectural parameters of your home but also is practical enough to function for normal household use. We know building a new home requires a lot of important decision making, which is why we will take the time to discuss your electrical requirements and help you create your house into a home.

Maintenance Packages

Bright & Shine Clean

Clean dirt, dust from Panels
$ 199 Free Quote
  • Clean Inverter
  • Remove debris and fire hazards
  • Clean birds and other animals droppings

Smart System Checks

System Health Check
$ 149 Free Quote
  • Panels & Inverter
  • Electrical, Connections & Framings
  • Overal System Check

Full System Service

System Health Check
$ 299 Free Quote
  • Bright & Shine Clean
  • Smart System Checks
  • Smart Battery Check