Solar System for your House

At Bright Source, we have successfully installed Solar PV systems for commercial and residential clients. We strive to be creative in everything we do and provide smart solutions for our customers. Combining quality, experience and our relentless passion, we have managed to put ourselves on the renewable industry’s map in Australia.

We are currently based in Melbourne but have our portfolio of installation around the whole of Victoria. Be it regional or metro, we‘ve got it covered.

  1. Provide a Step by Step consultancy starting with an energy assessment and requirements analysis through to strategic selection of products and technologies and life cycle costing, Technologies such as Solar Photovoltaic panels, inverters, battery based power storage and mounting hardware
  2. Identify and attract the best sources of private and government funding available for both energy assessments, project definition and establishment and capital investment
  3. Manage Project implementation of selected technologies
  4. Design, install and comimission optimised solar PV solutions, energy management systems
  5. Design and deliver off grid as well as grid connected hybrid battery supported systems. Offer Solutions using a collaborative approach with technology vendors, construction companies, consultants and Government
  6. Provide grid connected systems allowing customers to maximise returns over and above the Governments prescribed Feed-in-Tarrifs resulting from excess energy production from our delivered solutions