Solar Panel Installations in Dandenong – Easier and Simpler than You Might Think

Solar power is the key to a clean, sustainable future. Every day, the sun gives off way more energy than we need to power everything on earth. Why not utilise and invest this energy and protect yourself from rising energy prices? At Bright Source, we will help you take control of the ever-rising electricity bills by harnessing solar energy in Dandenong.

Your Trusted Solar Power System Installer in Dandenong

In Dandenong, an average rooftop receives approximately 3.6 hours of peak sun per day, averaged throughout the year. So, if you are confused about deciding whether getting commercial or home solar panel installations in Dandenong is a valuable decision, you don’t have to be. At Bright Source, we combine our state-of-the-art components with our personalised service and expert knowledge to give you the best solar experience in the industry.

At Bright Source, we are one step ahead from our rivalries, and here are a few reasons why.

☑ Australian Warranty – All our products including solar panels and inverters come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty and we will assist you with any inconsistency associated with the solar system for years to come.
☑ Quality – All our solar panels and inverters are approved by the Clean Energy Regulator (CEC) as per Australian standards and backed by Bright Source’s quality assurance.
☑ Smooth process – We offer an over the phone or face-to-face consultation – as per your convenience. We are a 100% Australian based company with 25 years performance warranty.

Commercial solar installation

Residential Solar

Like the idea of solar energy but not yet convinced if it’s for you? Residential solar panel installations in Dandenong have changed the lives of thousands of Victorian homeowners by minimising or completely eliminating their dependence on electricity bills, cutting pollution and adding value to their properties. The added advantage is the “Solar Home Schemes” started by the Victorian government which provides homeowners with 50% of the installation price on solar panels, making solar power even more affordable.

Commercial Solar

Want your business to stay on top in this cut-throat competition? Save money and protect your business from the ever-rising energy costs through solar panel installations. Whether your business is a warehouse, a factory, a restaurant or a school, energy management is a significant factor in any sustainability program. At Bright Source, we know that your business needs a system that you can trust on, year in and year out. Therefore, we use the best quality commercial solar panel installations in Dandenong to deliver you with an output that is second to none.

Let’s Get Started Today!

At Bright Source, we pride ourselves on our customised service and provide face-to-face consultations to determine your power requirements and the right solar system for you, your family or your business. So, if you are confused whether you are eligible to get a solar panel installation in Dandenong or no, or have any other questions, give our team a call on 1300 263 077 or send us an inquiry on sales@brightsource.com.au .