Simple, Clean Solar Power for your Home or Business

Want to take control of your electricity bills? There is no better time than now to achieve freedom from the rising energy bills and get predictable rates for future years.
As one of the top energy consultancies providing solar power in Doncaster, Bright Source will help you take control of your electricity bills, improve sustainability and let your business achieve enormous success. We do solar and we do it right. From the time you contact us, our experts will guide you throughout the process of solar panel installations in Doncaster and help you save thousands by advising you on the best solar system to suit your budget and way of life. Our goal is to make your transition throughout the process of installing solar panels, easy and simple.

Bright Source – The Reliable Name in Solar

At Bright Source, we know that each one of you has different needs. Therefore, we customise our services to provide you with the most cost-efficient solar solutions in the most cost-efficient way. If you are a homeowner looking to curb rising energy costs or contribute to reducing environmental footprints, we will help you do that with our residential solar panel installations in Doncaster.
How Can Bright Source Help You with Becoming Energy Efficient?
☑ We have CEC accredited installers
☑ We will provide you with a tailor-made solution
☑ We use quality inverters and batteries
☑ We will together make an educated decision

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We are Your Local Solar Power System Specialists

With the Victorian government incentives, residential and commercial solar panel installations in Doncaster are more affordable than ever. Our expert solar panel installers in Doncaster are completely dedicated to customer service and we are sure that we will help you achieve a better lifestyle.
If you are worried about the installation costs, you don’t have to be. More than 375,000 Victorians have already started cutting their power bills and earning benefits of solar energy, as per reports by Clean Energy Regulator. With that, the announcement of “Solar Home Schemes” in 2018, that provides 50% of the installation price, the upgradation of quality solar power in Doncaster is a really cost-effective decision you can make. But this system holds vital terms and conditions. it is applicable only if:
☑ The combined household income should be less than $180,000
☑ House Value to be less than $3 million
☑ You must install it in your primary place of residence
☑ There should be no panels for electricity

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At Bright Source, we pride ourselves on our quality, performance and expertise. We know that with so many companies specialising in commercial and home solar panel installations in Doncaster, making the right choice might be difficult. But, with our committed team of industry professionals, we will make the process easy and straightforward. With us, swapping to solar will be a swift process. To find out how, give us a call at 1300 263 077 or send us an email at .