Local, Trusted and Qualified Solar Panel Installers in Epping

There’s no denying the fact that Solar is the future. And in a country like Australia, soaked in sunlight, with some amazing solar potentials, equipping your space with solar panels is a smart choice. Australians are prepared for the future, and we, at Bright Source, are here to empower you. When you choose solar power in Epping for your residential or commercial facilities, you are choosing a better future. Switching to solar will:

☑ Help you Reduce your Energy BillsSolar panel installations in Epping, for your home or commercial properties, will help you trim your electricity bills (or in some cases eliminate them entirely), enhance your property value and save you from the unavoidable energy price rise
☑ Help you Enjoy Government Incentives – In a state like Victoria, you will be benefited with incentives and many clean energy incentives offered by the Australian government. Eligible households can claim a incentives up to $2225 on the cost of a solar PV system.
☑ Make your Life Easier – With residential and commercial solar panel installations in Epping, you can leave back all your worries about the growing cost of energy systems and save a plenty amount each year on your electricity bills.
☑ Require Minimal Attention and Maintenance – Switching to solar power in Epping will make your life fuss and hassle-free. Solar panels require minimum maintenance to keep them working to their full efficiencies.
☑ Save Our Planet – Apart from being cheap, clean and efficient, solar power is a zero-emission energy source. Carbon footprints will be greatly reduced by making this effective switch; means you will personally be a contributor in reducing negative impacts of climate change on our environment.

Make the Switch Today and Start Saving on Your Electricity Bills

With the new state-of-the-art technology making solar power more affordable than ever, there is no better time than now to invest in solar power. According to Clean Energy Regulator, approximately 375,000 Victorians are already trimming their power bills and reaping the benefits of solar energy. To reap the benefits of the “Solar Home Scheme”, you need to qualify for the below-mentioned conditions.

☑ The combined household income should be less than $180,000
☑ House Value to be less than $3 million
☑ You must install it in your primary place of residence
☑ There should be no panels for electricity

With Bright Source, you can join the team of 1 million Australian households who have already installed solar panels. Our expert solar panel installers in Epping will explain how you can make the most of the generous financial incentives provided by the government. We use just the best components and provide services at a maximum performance guarantee for every residential solar panel installation in Epping. 


Protect Your Business Against Rising Electricity Prices and Strengthen Green Credentials

Whether your business is a factory, shop, warehouse or a school, energy liberation is a major factor in any risk management or sustainability enhancement program. At Bright Source, we know that you and your commercial business need an energy system that you can completely rely on, year-in and year-out. Therefore, we use the finest equipment, products and provide commercial solar panel installations in Epping with a 100% performance guarantee.

Go Green. Go Solar

Are you considering equipping your roofs with commercial or home solar panel installations in Epping? Talk to our team of solar panel installers in Epping and be cash flow positive from the beginning. Prepare for the future, take advantage of the existing tax laws and housing schemes and re-invest your savings with us. To know more, get in touch with our team at 1300 263 077 or email us at sales@brightsource.com.au .