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Bright Source – Your Local, Reliable Solar Power Provider in Launceston

Do you love the idea of solar power, but aren’t certain if it’s for you? Leading the industry through quality and innovation, Bright Source is an accredited Victoria based company that specialises in providing renewable, clean-tech and sustainable solar power solutions. Recently, we have decided to venture into Tasmania to provide our professional and specialised renewable energy solutions for Tasmania residents.

We have an expert team that specialises in both residential and commercial solar panel installations in Launceston and will help you trim your ongoing energy bills, add value to your home and business and minimise carbon footprint. Whether you require a small-scale PV system for your home or a large-scale commercial PV system, we supply and install CEC accredited products with guarantees and warranties that stand. 

How Would Installing Solar Panels Make a Big Difference?

Solar panel installations in Launceston will help you to trim your power bills whilst minimising carbon footprints and reducing your dependence on power grid energy supply. Currently, more than 1 million Australians already use solar power. The main reason why it’s becoming so popular is due to a number of factors:

☑ Government incentives – For solar power systems below 100 KW, there are government incentives and discounts available in Tasmania. 
☑ Cost Savings – With solar, you can reduce your dependence on energy companies by thousands of dollars a year. The minute you switch on your solar system, it starts trimming bills for you!
☑ Self-Financing – The savings you make on your electricity bills can directly start from your installation. In most of the cases, the payback time is very attractive to recover the cost of your residential or commercial solar panel installation in Launceston.
☑ Environment-Friendly – Solar energy is renewable and there is no impact of harnessing the sun’s energy to generate electricity. It will reduce burning massive amounts of coal required for electricity generation and thus decrease the level of greenhouse gases.

Why Choose Bright Source?

At Bright Source, we know what is best for you. And that is why, we make sure that:
☑ Finance and deposit plans are available
☑ No hidden costs
☑ Local Tasmanian in-house CRC accredited installers
☑ 5 years’ workmanship warranty
☑ 100% Australian based
☑ Tasmanian Warranties

Refer the wattage-cost savings guide below

Single Person or Senior Couple

Panels: 16-17 (Dependent on Watts)

Working Couple

Panels: 21-23 (Dependent on Watts)

Large Family with Kids

Panels: 33-35 (Dependent on Watts)

Bright Source – Your Local Solar Power Specialists

Bringing the shift to solar from expensive fossil fuels is a long-term commitment. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a reliable and professional solar panel installer in Launceston, with a proven track record certified by CEC (Clean Energy Council). At Bright Source, we help homeowners and businesses minimise electric bills and increase their bottom lines with our reliable residential and commercial solar panel installations in Launceston. We have,

  • Clean Energy Accredited products
  • 10-year product and manufacturer warranty
  • 25-year performance warranty
  • 10-year warranty on premium panels
  • Superior Quality Assurance
  • Weather resistant products

Ready for Solar? Take the Leap!

At Bright Source, we do solar and we do it right. From the moment you contact us to get a consultation, to the time our expert solar panel installers in Launceston complete their job, we will keep you in the loop of every step. Our vision is to make your transition easy and simple. Don’t just take our word for it, call us now to see for yourself. To get the highest quality commercial and residential solar panel installations in Launceston, contact the expert team of Bright Source today at 1300 263 077 or send us an email at .