Residential & Commercial Solar Power Panel Installation Melton

It can get really overwhelming to understand how different solar energy systems work, what allowances are still available and which system will best suit your home or business.At Bright Source, we have provided solar power in Melton for many residential and commercial properties. We use the best quality solar panels and inverters with warranties, that are among the best in the industry. All our commercial and home solar panel installations in Melton are carried out by accredited and qualified solar technicians, assuring quality at every step throughout the process.

Why Choose Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the greenest and cleanest sources of renewable energy that is available to power your residence and commercial utility. When you go for home or commercial solar panel installations in Melton, you will not only lower your carbon emissions but also reduce your electricity bills. If we look into ways to reduce carbon footprints, solar power has become one of the most significant options to do so. Solar panels use the sun’s light and energy to transfer electrical energy through inverters and then onto the power grid. As a continent with the highest rates of sunny days, Australia is the ideal place to utilise the sun’s energy.

Commercial Solar Panel Installations – Australian Businesses’ Strategic Benefit

The risk of constant electricity price rises has vital challenges for Melton businesses. Installing a commercial solar power system in Melton is a solution that can reduce electricity costs instantly and minimise the business risk in the future. Solar energy is an important aspect of any business program because:
☑ Instant cost cutting
☑ Minimised business risk
☑ Reduced carbon emissions
☑ Investment returns


The Ultimate Clean Energy Solution for your Home!

As one of Melton’s leading residential solar company, Bright Source can install a top-notch solar energy system for your home saving you thousands of dollars per year off your electricity bills. Our expert solar panel installers in Melton have decades of experience in the market and recommend only the use of highest quality products. Our globally renowned residential solar installations in Melton deliver maximum cost savings for complete client satisfaction.

We’re Here to Help You Save Your Electricity Bills

Thinking of switching to solar power? You’ve found the right place. Let our solar panel installers in Melton help you with making this environment-friendly switch for your home and business. Every consumer’s energy requirements are different. We will work consciously and patiently with you to understand your energy requirements and deliver a tailored solution that focuses on your objectives. Call us at 1300 263 077 or email at
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