Solar Power System Pakenham

Affordable, Reliable and Cost-Effective Solar Power in Pakenham

Bright Source is committed to making renewable energy more accessible to Australians by offering clean, reliable and affordable solar power in Pakenham and nearby suburbs like Officer, Berwick, Beaconsfield, etc. More than 18% of the households in Pakenham have solar panels installed on their roofs. With solar irradiation levels of around 4.29 kilowatt hours per square metre daily, getting solar panel installations in Pakenham is a smart choice.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to curb the rising energy bill or a business owner looking to make a difference, at Bright Source our solar panel installations in Pakenham can cater every home, business and lifestyle.

Pakenham’s Leading and Experienced Solar Panel Installers

Bright Source is a full-service energy solutions company empowering homes and businesses with efficient solar solutions for 10 years. Our team of trained and certified solar panel installers in Pakenham work closely with you to install solar systems that last for decades. Our aim is to build a more sustainable world by making solar power simple for our customers. Our USPs include:

☑ 100% Australian based products
☑ In-house engineering and solar designs
☑ Battery back solar panel systems
☑ More than 10 years of experience in the sector
☑ Easy finance and deposit plans available
☑ 5-years workmanship warranties available
☑ CEC certified installers
☑ Complete energy assessment and requirement analysis
☑ Customised solutions, based on your needs

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For Homeowners and Residential Projects

For homeowners, Bright Source makes it easy to go solar with outstanding service that has made us an industry leader in solar panel installations. Every step taken during your residential solar installation in Pakenham has been taken care of by Bright Source’s energy staff, including engineering, installation and ongoing monitoring.

For us, every project is a custom project. Our energy consultants will work with you and design a solar system to meet all your energy needs, financial goals and architectural style.


For Businesses and Commercial Projects

Bright Source will assist your business to lock in energy rates, cut operating costs and help you take control of your energy usage. Our solar installation will help you with future proofing your business from the constant rise in electricity tariffs, network charges and peak demand. With a commercial solar installation in Pakenham, you can save your business thousands of dollars per year and have a peace of mind that you have made an excellent investment.

Reduce energy costs without additional expense to your business with:

☑ Government rebates
☑ Reduction in energy costs leading to increased profits
☑ Lower carbon footprints
☑ Extraordinary ROI
☑ Low maintenance investment
☑ Potential tax advantages
☑ Green credentials for your business

Don’t let Your Power Bills Grow with You!

Take the randomness out of your future home and business costs by generating your own free, clean and sustainable energy. Bright Source is available for all your commercial and home solar installations in Pakenham – big or small. Call us on at 1300 263 077 or send us an email on to find out more.