High-Quality Solar Panel Installations to Control your Energy Costs

Rising electricity prices and plenty of sunlight availability makes solar panel installations in Ringwood a cheaper, smarter option for lower electricity bills. Why pay more for power when you can save thousands with clean energy?

At Bright Source, we provide clean and affordable solar power in Ringwood through our high-quality solar panel installations designed specially to minimise carbon footprints and electricity prices. 

Save with Clean, Renewable Energy for your Home and Office

Switching to solar will save you money. It’s that simple. The most significant benefit of commercial or residential solar panel installations in Ringwood is that you can minimise your electricity bills from day 1! 

Moreover, you can also take advantage of the tax incentives and credits offered by the Victorian state government to make solar power installations easy on your pocket and get faster ROIs.

Commercial solar installation
Commercial solar installation

Why Choose Bright Source?

Going solar can be even more simpler when you collaborate with a right company. Our team of solar panel installers in Ringwood have made going solar easy for homes and businesses by offering reliable and easy residential and commercial solar panel installations in Ringwood. Once you start working with us, we will take care of everything about going solar so you don’t have to. At Bright Source,
☑ It is Easy to Begin – Transforming your home to solar doesn’t have to be difficult. We make this process simple and hassle-free.
☑ CEC Accredited Products – All our inverters and panels are made adhering the CEC accreditations and backed by our superior quality assurance.
☑ Warranties – Our inverters are backed by a 10-year manufacturing and product warranty and our panels are backed by a 25-year performance warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about repairs or losses for at least the next 25 years.
☑ We Believe in Clean Energy – Sun’s energy is clean and renewable. We will provide you solar panel installations at lower prices than your fossil fuel burning utility company.
☑ We have No Surprises – At Bright Source, we have no hidden costs. With us, you will receive a predictable and constant outcome for years to come.

Let us Help You Prepare for the Future

At Bright Source, we have the experience, knowledge and dedication needed to bring out smart solar panel systems to your home. With 30+ years of experience in solar panel installations in Ringwood, we are committed to creating the best solar systems while maximising return on investment. So, say hello to huge savings and call Bright Source today! You can call us at 1300 263 077 or send us an inquiry on sales@brightsource.com.au . We will begin from there.
Commercial solar installation