Solar Energy – A Sound Investment for You and the Future

Instead of getting all your energy from service providers, why not install your own microgeneration system? Electricity costs and energy bills continue to rise faster than ever due to our dependence on diminishing fossil fuel reserves for energy generation.
Since inception, Bright Source is constantly driven to supply the highest and best quality solar power products at affordable rates. Our solar panel installations in Sunbury will guarantee homeowners with massive trimming in electricity bills and increase the value of their properties. We make sure that our clients have a complete understanding of how the solar system works and which is the best one for them – to help them make an informed decision.

But we don’t stop here. We provide our customers with:

☑ The maximum level of expert services, both before and after sales
☑ Professional and extremely friendly team with accredited installers
☑ Complete guidance from designing to installation
☑ Expert solar solutions according to your requirements

What does Bright Source believe in?

☑ Encouraging the highest level of integrity to ensure public trust. We don’t make false promises
☑ Going all out for excellence in both assistance and knowledge
☑ Delivering the highest quality products, which are reliable and simple


Solar Power – The Power that Protects your Planet

Fuelling your property with solar power does this and much more: commercial and residential solar panel installations in Sunbury will protect your household from rising energy costs. But there’s even more. With the Victorian government rebates and state feed-in tariffs, you can gain financial assistance while investing in residential or commercial solar panel installations in Sunbury. At Bright Source, we can provide you with electricity supply that benefits your budget while inspiring you to break free from fossil fuel energy.
With solar power in Sunbury, you can:
☑ Minimise your carbon footprint and protect the environment
☑ Reduce your electricity bills significantly
☑ Take advantage of the cash incentives by the Victorian government that reduces the payback significantly.
☑ Add up to the appeal of your property

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Many things go into deciding which solar installation is right for you. You just have to keep in mind that as technology improves, costs reduce, and the world becomes more aware of the significance of conserving energy. So, are you ready to join the group of cost-efficient homeowners? If yes, you can call us on 1300 263 077 or just use our online inquiry form and we would love to discuss your commercial or home solar panel installation in Sunbury. Our local solar panel installers in Sunbury will get in touch with you for a free solar quote and we will go from there.