Harness the Power of Solar Energy with our Solar Panel Installations in Werribee

Solar power is the cleanest and most abundant yet the least harnessed energy of our times. Did you know that the sun produces enough energy in an hour to power the entire earth for a year? Now imagine if you could harness this power and use it strategically for your residential or commercial purposes to create a more efficient operation. At Bright Source, we believe that this choice is easy. Whether you need a home solar installation or have commercial requirements, our consultants will design the perfect solution for solar power in Werribee.

Our Commitment to You!

☑ Clean Energy Accredited solar panel design and installations
☑ Honest and true information about all the solar products we deal with
☑ Skilled and experienced solar panel installers in Werribee
☑ Certified solar panels and products
☑ Assist you with making an informed decision
☑ During and after-sales service with complete integrity
☑ The best range of solar panel equipment in the market
☑ Experience in handling a range of diverse solar projects from residential to commercial


Solar Energy is Never-Ending, Free and Healthy

Solar energy is one of the most vital sources of renewable energy available today. Harnessed through technology called photovoltaic (PV) cells, residential and commercial solar installations in Werribee is an investment worth every penny you spend. In Werribee, homeowners and businesses are installing solar panels on their roofs to grab the benefits of the clean, renewable way to generate power.
So, what are the benefits of going solar? Read on.
☑ Government Incentives In Victoria, you will be benefited with incentives and many clean energy incentives offered by the Australian government. Eligible households can claim a incentives up to $2225 on the cost of a solar PV system.
☑ Powerhouse of energy Solar energy is an ever-lasting, renewable energy source. At Bright Source, we harness this unlimited and clean energy for powering your homes and businesses through our commercial and residential solar installations in Werribee and Werribee South.
☑ Environmental Contribution Everyone wants to play a role in curbing the global warming effect. Then, why not stop, think and opt for natural energy sources for our day-to-day needs? Take your first step towards this with Bright Source.


Why Go Solar with Bright Source?

☑ Experience secure solar panel installations with one of the largest solar specialists in Werribee and Werribee South
☑ We follow rigorous quality control and process set by the Australian Clean Energy Council
☑ CEC accredited products at the best prices
☑ Nationally owned company with extensive experience
☑ CEC accredited installers to optimise the efficiency of your installation

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So, are you looking for professional and expert commercial or home solar installations in Werribee or Werribee South? If yes, look no further than Bright Source. With more than 10 years of experience behind us, our qualified and efficient team can cater to all your home or commercial solar panel needs. From the planning to final steps of connecting your panels to the grid, we will work closely with you throughout the process. If you want to talk to one of our consultants, get in touch with our friendly team by calling at 1300 263 077 or send us an online inquiry at sales@brightsource.com.au .