Wyndham Vale

Future-Proof your Energy Costs with Solar Power in Wyndham Vale

Thinking of installing solar power in your Wyndham Vale home or business? At Bright Source, we design, install, maintain and upgrade solar power systems in Wyndham Vale and surrounding suburbs like Mambourin and Manor Lakes. With more than 10 years of experience, we will help you with minimising your energy bills and support your business with more energy independence through our residential and commercial solar panel installations in Wyndham Vale.

Create Financial Perks into Your Household with Residential Solar Installations

Did you know that the average household electricity prices have risen to 9-22% in the last year and have added up to $316 to residential bills in the last year alone? But the good news is there is a way out. Having your own residential solar installation in Wyndham Vale and other surrounding suburbs will help you cut your bills, lock in energy rates and take a huge leap towards energy independence. At Bright Source, our accredited solar panel installers will understand your energy requirements and customise a solar power system that suits your budget and lifestyle perfectly.
Benefits of Home Solar Installations in Wyndham Vale are:
☑ Create clean, renewable energy
☑ Victorian government incentives and solar home schemes
☑ High-yielding financial returns
☑ Reduced dependence on electricity grid and fossil fuel generations
☑ Minimised pollution and carbon footprints
☑ Enhanced value of your property

Commercial solar installation

Power Your Business with Commercial Solar Installations in Wyndham Vale

Harness this remarkable renewable energy source and make significant savings in your business and contribute to a cleaner environment. Our team of reliable solar panel installers in Wyndham Vale, with their strong engineering and design base, will make both small and large commercial solar panel installations in Wyndham Vale, easy and efficient.
Benefits of a Commercial Solar Installations in Wyndham Vale are:
☑ Generous government incentives 
☑ Reduce reliance on utilities
☑ Cash flow positive investment
☑ Adding “green” credentials to your business
☑ Tax deductions
☑ Increased business worth and property value

Bright Source – Your Trusted Partner for Turn-Key Solar Applications

☑ At Bright Source, we reduce energy bills. Our clean energy solutions are cheaper than buying electricity from the grid.
☑ We are a leading solar energy provider. Our technical staff and specialists have proven track record of providing high-quality solar panel installations in Wyndham Vale at affordable prices.
☑ We only use state-of-the-art products and equipment. As a CEC accredited company, we have a product range that is second to none.
☑ From design, approval, installation and commissioning – we provide a comprehensive solar power solution for all your needs

Ready to Start Your Solar Project?

Why continue paying for more electricity when we are here. Our friendly team of expert solar panel installers in Wyndham Vale, Manor Lakes, Mambourin and other suburbs is waiting to assist you. Call us today at 1300 263 077 or send us an online inquiry at sales@brightsource.com.au and one of our solar power specialists will assist you with all your solar system needs.