– Solar Solutions

Bright Source provides solar system installation and maintenance solutions for commercial and residential clients. 
As for onsite Solar PV is the cheapest form of energy any business in Australia can access. Why? Well, the cost of a solar system installation has dropped significantly, and onsite solar PV allows companies to avoid many of the network and regulatory charges that can make up over 50% of an electricity bill.

How Much You Save With Solar?

Promised savings are reliant on the period of time your solar system performs optimally. When installed correctly and maintained properly, your rooftop solar PV system should save you significant amount of money each year. To see, how much you can save, please book an assessment with one of our friendly staff members.

Getting you solar energy. From A to Z.
1 – Step by step energy assessment and requirement analysis.
2 – Strategic selection of services and technologies, based on your needs
3 – Manage project implementation of selected technologies
4 – Design, install, and commission optimized solar PV solutions, energy management systems


What We Deliver?

Our focus is on delivering solar turnkey projects to the highest possible levels of safety, quality, performance and customer experience. We use only the best equipment (tier 1) products. This ensures stringent and effective quality control over every step of the process from feasibility, solar system installation, design and commissioning through to ongoing performance monitoring, reporting, operation and maintenance.

Commercial sites tend to use more energy during the day when electricity rates are high. This coincides with the output of solar power systems which can generate a significant portion of a site’s daytime load and also reduce peak demand charges considerably.