Storage Solutions

Storage Systems

At Bright Source we engineer, procure and build energy storage systems. We ensure storage system integration into existing infrastructure. Having a reliable storage system gives business a more stable and reliable electricity network, it empowers our customers to choose when they want to purchase electricity as well as helps to maximise Solar PV self-use.
We know that each business must be approached individually and that is why we design the optimal storage system solution for each project. All our solutions are made to meet the interconnection requirements outlined by the electricity network provider, industry standards and other planning and approval requirements.

We select the best performing and safest batteries and offer our clients to choose from a variety of best brands. Here at Bright Source, we understand that each situation requires special assessment and must be tailored to specific needs.
Our experienced team also provides ongoing advisory services to our customers regarding their energy storage system. By performing energy system monitoring and diagnostics as well as providing a comprehensive report and advice – We ensure that our clients are getting optimal results from their energy systems.